About Us

We are a company dealing in the manufacturing of “Engineering Precision Products” since early 1992. Our Industrial Experiences enable us to convert Designer’s Concepts into products of your choice.

We follow optimized process of Manufacturing, range of products with different material and achieve high level of precision and surface finish. We also carry out co branding. Our production department consists of State of Art Manufacturing equipment with 3-Axis & 4-Axis machining capability. Sophisticated equipment enable us to achieve high precision level.


We always use the latest technology available in terms of machinery which lets us produce top notch products.
Standard Inspection procedures as per International standard or as per the customer’s requirement strictly followed at all stages.


Due to in house CAD/CAM facility, we are able to manufacture component and assemblies consisting of both machined and sheet metal products. We are also able to incorporate plastic, rubber and wood if required.


We closely work with our customers and their product designers to follow optimized machining procedures and quality requirements.
We are able to work on wide range of materials like high tensile steel, stainless steel, carbon steel titanium, aluminium, copper, brass, plastic and wood.

Order Execution

It is carried out as per our standard SOP consisting of order confirmation, order process, sourcing of raw material, planning of production and inspection procedure laid as per customer’s requirement or our own inspection methods.

Associated Partners

Branches we can manage through our associated partners.

Ferrous and Non Ferrous Forging

• Closed die forging
• Open die forging
• Upset forging
• Drop forging
• Metal gathering forging

Ferrous and Non Ferrous casting

• Non Ferrous Forging
• Pressure die casting
• Gravity casting
• Investment casting
• Sand casting

Surface Finishing

• Electroless nickle plating
• Chrome plating
• Zinc plating
• Black nickel plating
• PVD Coating
• Copper and brass metallizing
• Hot dip galvanising powder coating Spray painting

Moulded products

• Plastic molding {ABS-PPCP-HD-LD-High Impact-PET}
• Rubber molding
• Injection rubber molding
• Natural rubber
• Nitrile
• Silicon
• Possible in black and various colors.

View details of all the machines we use in our factory.